Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fun With the State of the Union

Not one, but two entertaining links for you today, State of the Union day.

The Center For American Progress presents a Look Back at Bush's 2002, 2003 and 2004 speeches. Not a good record.
CLAIM: "America is committed to keep dangerous weapons from dangerous regimes."

STATUS: Under Bush's watch, North Korea's nuclear arsenal is thought to have quadrupled. Charles Pritchard, formerly Colin Powell's top official dealing with North Korea, has warned for months that "the White House lacks an effective strategy to dissuade North Korea from building up its nuclear arms." And, according to Pritchard, the situation has deteriorated because "the administration has neither offered much of a carrot nor wielded a stick." [New York Times, 5/7/04]

Or if all those facts and quotes are a bit much for you, or if they just depress the living hell out of you, you can always play along with the State of the Union Drinking Game. I'm thinking there will be way too much alcohol consumed for anyone to last long under these rules, though.
Every time he says...

"The state of our union is strong..." - drink 1
"mandate" - drink 1
"terror" (however it’s pronounced) - drink 1
"Bring it on" - Arm-wrestle the person next to you; loser drinks
"Don't mess with Texas!" - Locate the nearest Texan; mess with him/her; then drink


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