Sunday, January 23, 2005


Seen in a print ad for Microsoft Office for Mac: the (hideously ugly) logos for the four apps arranged in a brutally honest order. "P" is PowerPoint, "E" is Entourage, "W" is Word and "X" is Excel. (Hint if you're not getting this: pronounce this like the word "pew", but with a plural "k" on the end: "pukes". Well, that was more than a hint, wasn't it? Anyway.) Classic.

Which reminds me of other Microsoft advertising that makes me want to blow chunks: their stomach-turning tagline on NPR. "Your potential inspires us to create software to help you reach it. Your potential. Our Passion." Could somebody give me a break here? As if any for-profit company ever, let alone that giant evil monopoly, was in business because they were inspired by their customers' potential. Excuse me will I barf, er, pewx.


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