Tuesday, November 01, 2005

About the Author

I am a man. I am two meters tall, and I was born in 1968. I have one wife, two kids and two cats, whom I love. I live in Austin, Texas, which I love. I develop software for a living, which I love.

I believe that war should always be the last option, that nobody should go hungry and that the global environment needs protection from humans. I think information sharing of every kind, from the latest debacle of the Bush "administration", to how using Microsoft products slowly but surely saps your everlasting soul, works best when it's funny.

In theory, the content of this weblog matches the tagline: "Provided by The Management for your protection." In practice, it's more or less whatever crap I find on the Internet that I think is funny or interesting enough to email my friends about. Posting is sporadic: sometimes more, sometimes less - it all depends on how much funny or interesting crap I find on the Internet, and how much time my one wife, two kids, two cats, Austin neighbors and software projects leave me to post it.

One of my software projects is the site design and programming for Far Out Shirts (formerly Insani-T-Shirts.com). Any minute now, one of our designs is going to become the Next Big Thing, and my two partners and I will totally bank, allowing me to quit my day job. If, no, not if, when that happens, this blog will unfortunately suffer, because I do my best surfing for funny and interesting crap at work.

In the meantime, enjoy.

(Posted because Jakob told me to.)


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