Friday, February 04, 2005


A friend and I coined a new phrase the other day, and I hereby release it to the world: "five fuck-yous in a ten word sentence". I'll wait while you think about that for a second (hint: count the words). The intent is to express an extremely negative response, e.g.,
Did you ask Sandra if we could have her ticket?

Yeah, she gave me five fuck-yous in a ten word sentence.

I quit my job yesterday; I gave those bastards five fuck-yous in a ten word sentence.

Update: With further refinement, the acronym is much more elegant. Actually I didn't mean FFYIATWS to be an acronym, more of a I-hope-this-is-a-clever-title kind of thing. But in user testing, the handy, easy to type and visually appealing "FUFUFUFUFU." has been discovered (note the period, to indicate a full sentence).

In fact, the breakthrough is really "FU". Now this can be combined with other handy business and online shortcuts. The possibilities are limitless! Okay, not limitless, but there are a lot.



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