Tuesday, January 25, 2005

There Is No Crisis

There Is No Crisis: Protecting the Integrity of Social Security

I'm suffering a cursed animated GIF here, so you know this is serious. Via Bob Harris and Democrappy, among others, allow me agree that There Is No Crisis.
What's This "Crisis" I've Been Hearing About

It's a made up sense of urgency designed to hustle public support for the privatization of social security. It's a deception. There's really no other way to put it, unless your idea of a "crisis" is something that might or might not be a problem that's not very hard to solve in any case, and is fifty years off in the future. Sounds like someone's trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

- their FAQ

Who else has gone out on this limb? Many, of which I've previously mentioned Ralph Nader ("There is no crisis in Social Security. It's absolutely solvent until 2052, according to the Social Security trustees, who are pretty conservative") and Molly Ivins ("If there is a problem with Social Security, the obvious solution would be to raise taxes, cut benefits or some combination of both").

It's a modern-day fox-and-henhouse story. "Let those poor hens out of that decrepit old henhouse! Let them run around out here in the fresh air! Don't fence them in! They'll get stronger out here! "Free-range," that's it! That's the healthiest, most natural kind!" quoth the fox. Then muttering, drooling, "yes, the best kind, the most delicious kind, indeed..."

By the way, I actually have the nagging feeling that this whole assault on Social Security is a distraction; a feint. Like last week's overly elaborate inauguration festivities - it makes me worry that they're purposefully distracting everyone with these shenanigans faithfully assisted by a complacent media, while behind the scenes somewhere they're accomplishing various unsavory deeds.


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