Friday, January 28, 2005

Advice For The Gutless

Seen on Empire Notes: Advice for the Democrats. Good, solid advice - hear, hear!
Let me preface it by saying clearly this is an outside view. I'm not a Democrat and I can't stand the Democrats. If this advice is followed, I still won't be a Democrat. This is advice not from a left perspective (mine), but simply from the perspective of the party's survival as a party...

First, your biggest problem is not that you will be labelled "obstructionist" (although you will) but that you will be crushed by a force that doesn't believe there should be any limits to its power. Thus, fighting back even when you're going to lose is important... I imagine that all but a few of you are far too gutless to fight back on the upcoming Iraq appropriations bill or to filibuster Gonzales, but find some things you'll go to the mat on even if you lose...

Second, and most important, don't just play defense. It's important to go out and attack the Republicans. Again, I expect that most of you are too gutless and unprincipled to fight hard on substantive issues... so, you should gun for a prominent Republican personally... maybe Tom Delay? Create a situation where the Republicans have to either openly sanction corruption or acquiesce in the elimination of one of their own. If this works, lather, rinse, repeat...

Your current strategy of curling up in a ball and hoping the Republicans don't kick you just encourages them to kick you.


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