Saturday, October 08, 2005

Car Talk Credits

I caught a little of an old favorite on the car radio today: Car Talk. Funny yet informative, I'm surprised every time at how much those guys make me laugh. At the end they read their spoof/wordplay credits, with some new ones I hadn't heard before. When I got home I looked them up on the web, and was rewarded with a full credits page, including many I've never heard on the show.

Following are a few favorites - I much prefer the wordplay names over the faux-celebrity names. (If you're slow like me, saying them out loud may help you get the joke.)
  • Appointment Secretary II - Amadeus O. Early
  • Bail Bond Provider - Freida Gogh
  • Caffeine Addiction Counselor - Bruno Moore
  • Chief Procurement Officer - Emma Chizzit
  • Conflict Resolution Specialist - Yvonne Apeesamey
  • Director of Gender Studies - Amanda B. Reckondwyth
  • Director of Pollution Control - Maury Missions
  • Ebay Specialist - Selma Junkoff
  • Fact Checker - Ella Fynoe
  • Head of Working Mother Support Group - Erasmus B. Dragon
  • PR Director - Bea Esser
  • Staff Activities Coordinator - Dewey Hafta
  • Staff Cat Feeder - Ken Opener
  • Table Saw Operator - Les Digits
  • Town Criers - Nina Clark and Alice Well


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