Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tube Gossip

Via The Phantom Professor, from Lesson 2 - Dialogue of her Online Writing Workshop, a list of random bits of conversation overheard on the London Underground: Tube Gossip.
  • Cut the crap Chris, and tell me what happened when you got to the petrol station.
  • I'm gonna have a word with my bitches.
  • I can still taste yesterday's prawn toast.
  • He promises to bury his books and break his staff once he regains power. So he's not all bad.
  • From now on you're going to be eating a lot of pork.
  • A brontosaurus could kill a stegasaurus... easily.
  • I don't want to hear another sob story about a man with no head.
  • I heard your fart on the stairs. I bet it launched you up them.

And those are just selected from the last seven weeks - the page goes back to the beginning of 2003!

Btw, in The Phantom Professor's first lesson she assigned the task of writing a compelling first sentence of a story. About half of the quotes there would be perfect for that.


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