Monday, August 01, 2005

Twisty Faster

Via Pandagon (which pointed to this post on O Magazine), a new weblog added to the daily list: I Blame The Patriacrchy. It's written by Twisty Faster, "a gentleman farmer and spinster aunt eating dinner in Austin, Texas," so you know it's good.

In particular, allow me to point out her thoughts on gay marriage. She started (last Dec.) with Homos Need To Grow A Pair, "And I Don't Mean Cottonballs: Why The Establishment Should Throw a Debutante Ball for Gay Marriage, and Why Gay America Should Suddenly Remember It Has To Wash Its Hair That Night".
[Anti-gay forces] should be happy as clams that so many gays want to subject themselves to the disadvantageous, anachronistic, vive la patriarchie enterprise that is marriage. They should be handing out cigars and composing lyric odes to this ideological victory over queer iconoclasm. At last, the unruly homos are jumping on the patriarchal bandwagon! They're embracing Conservative Family Values! They're flushing feminism down the crapper! They're consigning themselves to bourgeois domestic slavery for the sake of the market economy!

And more recently (Saturday), she continues with Sisters Ordaining It For Themselves, in which she analyzes the news of some women who got themselves ordained as Catholic priests:
I mean, you go girl and all that, but Jesus Christ, why-o-why? To paraphrase the brilliant René Spencer Saller, a chick priest is like a Log Cabin Republican. Who are they kidding? Why do they think that if they infiltrate the church they won’t absorb its patriarchal toxins, become drunk with power, and turn into gasbag ideologues who get all up in everyone’s shit? That’s what church is for.


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