Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Firefox Fantasticness

Here's some Firefox goodness for you today.
  • The latest update,, was just released, featuring "stability and security fixes". Download it from, or if you already have a recent version (anything greater than 1.5, probably), you can choose "Check for updates" from the browser's "Help" menu.

  • Here's a Firefox extension I just discovered, that may well be my single favorite thing about Firefox now: Flashblock. It simply keeps embedded Flash animations from automatically playing. If you want the animation to play, you simply click the "play" arrow icon in the middle of the displayed square. It's as sweet as pop-up blocking on some obnoxiously Flash-laden sites (*cough* Onion *cough*). This one will change your life.

On the off chance that you're not using Firefox yet, and that you're still using (god forbid) Internet Explorer, now's the time to upgrade. Granted that IE on the Mac (may it rest in peace) was even worse than IE on Windows; but I still defer to Dooce's words of wisdom (from her FAQ, #5):
Q: Why does this website look like crap in Internet Exlorer on the Mac?

A. Because you’re being a pussy and not downloading a better browser. You should download this better browser...


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