Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Recommended Sites

It's pretty customary for a blog to feature a blogroll, a list of links to other blogs and sites recommended and frequented often by the author. Since this whole blog does little more than link to other sites, I always felt that a blogroll would be duplicated, repetitive, superfluous and redundant.

However, there are sites that I visit all the time, and that I would recommend, but that don't usually have stuff that's worth linking to from here. Mimi Smartypants is a perfect example. She's the bomb, and when I find a new post there, I get all kinds of excited, yet she rarely writes about the things I usually post here.

So here's a new thing. I made a del.icio.us bookmark list, and added an link to it over in the sidebar (near the bottom, under "Cool Like Me"): Recommended Sites. The order of the list is more or less random; I don't see a way in del.icio.us to order them. But that's mostly the sites I check in on every day or so. Enjoy!


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