Friday, May 26, 2006

Professor Feith's Syllabus

On Jesus' General: Professor Feith and the huge, fat, orange weapon of mass destruction, in which he gives a preview of what Doug Feith's course at Georgetown University will cover.
This course introduces students to the use of fiction to promote foreign policy initiatives. Students will study the latest methods for undermining reality-based analysis using fantasy, fiction, treachery, torture and ad hominem argumentation.


Students are expected to:

# make outrageous claims and defend them by viciously attacking anyone who tries to refute them by employing logic.

# Demonstrate that the Syracuse mascot, a huge fat orange, is in fact a mobile biological weapons lab and a contributor to Move On.

# Be prepared to inflict pain slightly less agonizing that which is associated with organ failure to randomly selected classmates.

# Successfully defend one of the following claims:
A) Ronald Reagan invented television
B) Ann Coulter is a woman
C) Intelligent Design is Science
D) We've turned the corner in Iraq


Students are expected to make up an academic sounding title and convince the dean that they read it and that it confirms whatever the instructor claims during lectures.


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