Thursday, May 25, 2006

Colbert on DeLay, and on DeLay's Website

screenshot of with Colbert clip
Via Talking Points Memo, this absolutely hilarious bit: We all know Stephen Colbert, the farcically sincere right-wing TV character on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report". He's the guy made famous by his recent ruthless grilling of the Bush administration and the press at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner.

Okay, maybe not everyone knows him. Whoevever's running Tom DeLay's defense fund website doesn't, that's for sure. Because right there on the defense fund's home page is video of an interview from the Colbert Report with Robert Greenwald, maker of the movie "The Big Buy, How Tom DeLay Stole Congress". Apparently they don't even get that they're the ones being made fun of here! Some excerpts:
Colbert: "Who hates America most? You or Michael Moore?"

Colbert: "Okay, how'd he steal it?"
Greenwald: "He stole it by breaking the law, and when you break the law you go to prison"
Colbert: [badgering; cutting him off and interrupting him, until Greenwald relents, laughing] "The man's not in prison, sir!", "Is he in prison right now?", "If he's not in prison, he's not guilty", etc.

Colbert: "Is he being held in Guantanamo?"
Greenwald: "That is a great idea!"
Colbert: "Because my understanding is, if you're in Guantanamo, you're guilty. And if he's not there, probably he's innocent."

Colbert: "Look at that smile [in DeLay's mugshot]! Would you be smiling that hard if you were guilty of a crime?"

Greenwald: "In Texas, you cannot take corporate money. It is breaking a simple law. And when you do that - and Ronnie Earle is proving it - then you have to pay the consequences."

Colbert: "Ronnie Earle's just going after him because he's a camera hog, right?"

Colbert: "Last time I checked, Republicans won [the election]. Okay? They should get to do what they want, sir."
Greenwald: "Including breaking the law?"
Colbert: "Listen, they make the law! They're the Congress. They switch it around! If we don't like it, we vote 'em out of office on those electronic machines."

Greenwald: "Crooks should not be in Washington deciding the fate of this country; he is a crook."
[audience breaks in with applause and laughter]
Colbert: [to the audience] "Don't coax me. I'm gonna get him; don't worry."

Colbert: "DeLay wants his gun back. Are you the reason?"

Colbert: "Alright. You're an entrepeneur; I honor that. Of course, the product you're pushing is the destruction of America. Good luck with that. If you don't destroy America, please come back!"


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