Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where I've Been (And Where You Should Be, Too)

Frequent readers - you both know who you are - have surely noticed a dearth of postings 'round here. My apologies for that. And not just apologies, but excuses, too!

One is, I just haven't been seeing as much stuff to post here as I do sometimes. It's all either too specific and oddball (yes, there is a threshold, despite what you may think), or too big, and better covered, well, anywhere else.

The other excuse is, I've been busy in other corners of my Vast Online Empire. One you know, hopefully - Far Out Shirts. Buy early and buy often. The other you probably don't know, as it's pretty new.

It's called, and it's a site written entirely by me (so far), dedicated to defeating Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) in this year's election. I feel I've got a decent amount of information published there now, and plans for lots more. So drop on by - there's a blog over there, too.


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