Friday, August 04, 2006

Thurrott on Vista & Marshall on Mac

Saw these both yesterday, and thought they'd make good compare-and-contrast set pieces for the weekend.

First, via Slashdot, we have Paul Thurrott on Vista, Microsoft's eventually-to-be-released new version of Windows. To the question of, "Is Windows Vista ready?" he answers:
No. God, no. Today's Windows Vista builds are a study in frustration, and trust me, I use the darn thing day in and day out, and I've seen what happens when you subject yourself to it wholeheartedly. I think I've mentioned the phrase "I could hear the screams" on the SuperSite before. My wife said that to me one day, and she was referring to the sound of me barking some primeval curse at my desktop PC as it succumbed to Vista's stupid slowdowns, crashes, and hang ups for the umpteenth time. She, more than anyone, knows the frustration I've experienced because of Windows Vista.

There's one more jab that I have to quote, for the unexpected infusion of politics if nothing else:
What Microsoft didn't realize is that the way to win back customers' hearts isn't to make bold proclamations; it's to actually do the right thing. (Reference: The Bush administration.)

Meanwhile, via Daring Fireball, an update from Josh Marshall (of Talking Points Memo) on how he feels about his recent switch to Mac:
Basically, I'm sold. I've been using a PC at home and a Mac at work for several months now. And I just prefer using the Mac. A lot. Some of it is simple ease of use, the 'it just works factor'. It runs with few or no problems. And not having to worry about computer viruses is nice. I'm also doing a lot more working with video. And there's no question the machine is just better designed for working with video -- both on the hardware level and in the applications it comes with.


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