Monday, August 07, 2006

Terry Jones, Jubilant Armageddonist

Via Bob Harris, Terry Jones (yes, that Terry Jones) has come out, finally, in favor of Armageddon and the world leader who is singlehandedly doing the most to bring it about: Nice one, George.
So [Lebanon is] the perfect place for George to unleash the horsemen of the Apocalypse, and, as Armageddonists, we applaud him. The current assault on Lebanese civilians is sure to swell the ranks of would-be terrorists beyond even our wildest dreams, spreading the violence and mayhem not only throughout the Middle East but into the homelands of America and Britain.

As for the country of Lebanon itself, we Armageddonists predict that, like Iraq, it will sink into a morass of sectarian violence that will fill morgues of the future that have not yet been built. But more than that, we Armegeddonists confidently look forward to chaos and havoc quickly getting out of hand and beyond the control of those who started the conflict. It's all part of the fun.

So Armageddonists of the world! Let us unite in praise of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Let us thank these men for bringing our dreams of violence and disorder to fruition.

Let us hope that whatever half-baked notions fill what passes for their minds, they will continue on this irreversible path to perdition from which the whole world recoils, but seems powerless to stop.

Related bonus material on Jonathan Schwarz's A Tiny Revolution, concerning the Bush administration's apparent fascination with the Book of Revelations as written by Christian apocalyptic fiction author Joel C. Rosenberg. The author of the "Left Behind" series has been invited to speak to White House aides, prompting Schwarz to say,
It would almost be worth it to me for these guys to start a nuclear war if I could live long enough to see their faces afterward when Jesus doesn't show up. Whoops!

"Boy, are our faces red," I imagine them saying, "and not just because of our fatal radiation poisoning!"


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