Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jesus' General In Lieberman HQ

Not only did Connecticut get a better Democratic candidate for Senate, we all got a couple of hilarious on-the-scene reports from Lieberman's campaign headquarters by Jesus' General. The first one - Live blogging for Lieberman or how Bill Kristol saved my life - is pretty good:
Finally, [Bill Kristol] spied my laptop and asked the question I'd been dreading, "Are you a blogger?" Remembering the volunteer's warning, I lied, "No, I'm a day trader." That seemed to make him happy. He smiled, cackled, slapped me on the back, and led me into the bunker.

As bad as everything had been up to that point, I wasn't prepared for the squalor, the stench, or the lunacy I witnessed as I made my way through the door. It was like the locker room from hell. The bunker, lined in concrete, was dim and dank. White Castle wrappers littered the floor and the air reeked of a mixture of sweat, urine, and Hai Karate aftershave.

But it's mainly worth reading as a setup for the second part, I survived the Lieberman bunker.
That's how I noticed Ann Coulter. Still flat on her back from an overindulgence in alcohol, she was making the kind of movements that suggest that she was on the verge of waking. You know what I mean: a twitch of an arm, a shake of the head--that kind of thing. But it wasn't the movement that caught my eye. It was the pup tent. Yes, you read that right. Ann Coulter was sporting morning wood.


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