Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Show with Ze Frank

Ze Frank
Via Daring Fireball, a link to an awesome and hilarious amateur video show: The Show with Ze Frank (warning: the page includes the latest show, which will autoplay immediately. Turn down your volume or plug in headphones so you don't disturb your cube- bunk- or cell-mate).

As DF's John Gruber says,
It’s like a three- or four-minute-long concentrated, faster-cut, and more sarcastic version of The Daily Show. Absolutely fantastic. The archives go back about a month; I’m rationing them out at just a few a day. I predict this is going to make Ze Frank famous.

And yesterday it was true that the archives went back about a month. As of today, however:
due to bandwidth limitations only the last five shows will be available for viewing. yes. no. i. this is.

this is only temporary, the archive will be back soon.


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