Monday, April 10, 2006

Fun With College Republicans

I came across an especially good cartoon in my shiny new copy of the new Tom Tomorrow book: "Supporting The Troops - Featuring The 18 To 22-Year-Old Republican Think Tank Interns".

(I bought the book, and as other reviewers have said, the comics really are better back-to-back instead of a week apart. Well worth $10, even $15, trust me.)

This reminded me of something I'd seen recently on Jesus' General: Operation Yellow Elephant Bingo (be sure to read the instructions):

Operation Yellow Elephant Bingo

Then, just to help me out with this connection, another great and vaguely relevant post from Jesus' General just yesterday, as he recounts going to a Kos book-signing with his family in Olympia:
I approached the two senior seditionettes in attendance stealthily, but just as I was ready to yell "God Bless Our Leader" and bludgeon them down to the floor, one of them turned towards me, exposing me to a face marked with deep lines of cruelty and limitless depths of viciousness. That single look shot tazer darts of fear into my heart and paralyzed every muscle in my body. I felt like a statue, unable to move, even to take a cookie from the plate she offered. Thankfully she moved on quickly, offering her evil wares to others before noticing the Dark Stain of College Republican Valor that was spreading down from my crotchal area and forming a puddle on the floor around my shoes.


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