Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is This A Good Idea?

Is this a good idea, evolutionarily speaking?

Living Longer For Dummies cover
Living Longer For Dummies

Update: Upon further discussion with people at work, it was decided that by the time in their lives that the dummies would be interested in reading this book, they would probably have already procreated, if they were going to. So, their dummy genes having already been passed on, the damage is done, and letting them live longer doesn't really impact the species any further.

However, ideas were put forth suggesting an alternative book, something like "Having An Absolute Blast For Dummies". It would be marketed to dummies who haven't yet procreated, and might feature chapters such as, "Motorcycle Helmets: Optional", "Tasty Tasty Tobacco", "Bungie-Jumping On The Cheap", "Triple-Scoop Cholestrol Bonanzas" and "Time-Saver: Drying Your Hair In The Tub".


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