Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nuking Iran: Not Just Crazy and Wrong, But Stupid, Too

Via Bob Harris, an interesting Flash animation from the Union Of Concerned Scientists: The Nuclear Bunker Buster.

This 21st century filmstrip includes illustrative projections of how effective such an attack would be on deep underground facilities (hint: not at all), where the nuclear fallout would go (sorry about that, India! Our bad, Pakistan!), how chemical and biological stockpiles could be released rather than destroyed (irony is dead, and so are millions of innocent people!) and other happy happy fun info.

To recap this whole Iran plan: in addition to being a complete fucking disaster strategically and politically (see previous: How To Make The Iraq Quagmire Look Not So Bad), and being based on paranoid neocon fantasies dating from the 1930s (see Glenn Greenwald's Fighting All The Hitlers), it won't even work.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger WnotW said...

What's worse? To be crazy, wrong, or stupid.


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