Thursday, March 24, 2005

Without DeLay

Tom DeLay Abused Power Violated Ethics
Tom DeLay, U.S. Representative from Houston, TX and House Majority Leader, has got to go. It would have been best if he'd been sent packing by his own constituents last November, but it didn't quite happen. Regardless, his corruption and abuse of power is bad enough that he should resign or be kicked out.

Via The Daily DeLay, a pointer to good info on his scandals, abuses and general lack of ethics at Common Cause. The first, Tom DeLay’s Transgressions: A Pattern of Misbehavior, is pretty damning even if you just consider the titles of the sections:
  • "Unprecedented four admonishments by unanimous votes of the bipartisan House Ethics Committee"
  • "Questionable Conduct (not considered by House Ethics Committee)"
  • "The Latest Ethics Allegations Against Tom DeLay"
  • "Protecting Delay: Changing Ethics Rules"
  • "Protecting Delay: Ethics Committee Purge"
  • "Protecting Delay: Intimidate Accusers"

There's also a Q&A that's got some good info:
Tom DeLay and his supporters say this is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt. Is that true?

That's laughable. Tom DeLay has four times been admonished by the unanimous vote of a bipartisan Ethics Committee in a Republican-dominated House. The only partisan witch hunt underway is being carried out by the Republicans, who have trashed the ethics process to protect Delay and have retaliated against their own colleagues for admonishing Delay. Joel Hefley, the former chairman of the Ethics Committee, and two other members of the ethics committee - along with two senior staff -- were thrown off the committee for doing their jobs.

You can take action - sign Public Campaign Action's petition demanding DeLay's resignation.


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