Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rabbit On DayQuil

An interview with Heather Havrilesky, aka Rabbit.

9. What's your preferred mode of transportation?
I enjoy driving my luxury SUV very fast while screaming obscenities out the window at people on bicycles.

10. How often do you ride the MTA subway or light rail?
I rode the subway once. I found it wildly inconvenient to be so close to other human beings without being able to roll up my power windows or blast Chingy out of my 1500-watt speakers.

15. Other than regular doses of the "Daily Show," what other pop culture sources will help us make it through the next frightening four years?
No pop culture is strong enough to keep us safe from the horrors that lie ahead. Personally, I plan to stay in a DayQuil-fueled haze for the next four years. If I don't mistake Bush for Howdy Doody every time he comes on my TV screen, that means I'm not high enough.


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