Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Interesting Drink Review Sites

Is that, "interesting sites that review drinks" or, is it "sites that review interesting drinks"? Yes to both! (It is not, however, "sites that drink interesting reviews", because that doesn't make sense.)

First up is Mike And Kate's Summer of Soda. This is a temporary project, found via the link on A Tiny Revolution's homepage. Their mission at Summer of Soda:
To drink one non-standard soda per day for the entire summer, and report our findings without fear or favor, drinking as much of the grody ones as we can, while always keeping in mind the grodiness is in the tongue of the be-taster.

It's kind of interesting, though it has its shortcomings. For one, I don't understand why there are so many sodas that they don't have a picture for. It looks like the pictures they do have are from a digital camera, so - why not take pictures of all of them? Even worse, despite a claim to drink "without fear or favor," including "the grody ones," there are quite a few days when Kate is "spared", or "AWOL", or "a conscientious objector". Hmph.

That site by itself is not worth bringing to your attention, illustrious reader. But it's mildly interesting, and helps showcase this next site as the real gem it is. Found via Dooce's Links (for Monday, July 17), it's called Knowledge For Thirst. It is to drink reviews what The Filthy Critic is to moview reviews: entertaining even if you don't really care about the subject being reviewed. Examples:
  • Gaya Aloe Farm
    Yes it turns out aloe juice is delightful. Much lighter than I was expecting, and what’s more it’s clear–not at all semen-y, which is what I thought aloe looked like. (Possibly a negative for you.)...

    But man if this had awesome health benefits I would drink it all the day. Sadly there’s no clear science about if aloe is an important part of one’s diet or not. Wikipedia says it may be a remedy for things like coughing and cancer. I definitely did not notice any real coughing or cancer since I drank this!

  • Dr Pepper Berries & Cream
    That unique vibe [of Dr. Pepper] is almost entirely absent, and I’m all: Why exactly am I wasting my time with the knockoffs? Daddy wants the original. Sometimes I call myself “Daddy” when crushing a half-finished can of disappointing soda and throwing it, with vigor, at a loved one.

  • Ohana Raspberry Lemonade
    Anyways, shite state of affairs out there [in Indiana], I’m sad to report: there is fuck-all to drink. I know, big surprise in the land where Faygo reigns supreme. Did you know that if you are searching for a good beverage in Indiana, you will actually die of thirst? It is a true fact. This report is basically proof.

  • Black Cherry Vanilla Coke
    ...it’s no shock Coke is totally junior prom-ing it with the BCV. What I dislike about drinks like this is that they pile on too many flavors: nothing makes a strong impression, it’s all just varying shades of aftertaste. I always feel like some sips are all black cherry, some are more vanilla than anything, and the Coke flavor is buried too far down in all the noise. I spend all my time picking flavors apart and analyzing when I should be chillifying.

    It’s too complicated. I can’t traffic with that nonsense, I’m a busy motherfucker. I just wrote “I’m busy motherfucking.” Ha ha. No but serious say hi to your mom for me.


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