Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let's Not Attack Iran

First, the funny:
This Modern World

This week's This Modern World comic: Our Umpteen Millionth Look at How the News Works.

Next, the not-so-funny: via the This Modern World blog, an excellent essay on the "Once Upon A Time..." blog, on the difference in effectiveness and organization of the right vs. the left in modern America: Still Another Call to Activism: Prove Me Wrong, I Beg You.

This past week, the United States Senate passed unanimously -- 97 to 0 -- what amounted to a declaration of war against Iran. A few weeks ago, the House passed a resolution -- 411 to 2 -- that similarly provided an alleged rationale for war against Iran. In this manner, Congress, nominally controlled by the opposition party, has granted the Bush administration advance approval for the commencement of hostilities against Iran.

...The conclusion is stark and infinitely bleak: an attack on Iran would wipe every other issue and concern out of existence for the foreseeable future, probably for years to come if not much longer. Forget debates about global warming; nuclear clouds might be spreading across the globe. Never mind reforming our health care system; millions of people around the world, and possibly here at home, will be worried about survival of the most primitive kind. Nothing else will matter in the least.

...My point is the strategic one: [conservatives] didn't want the [recent immigration] bill passed, they mobilized massive, large-scale opposition, and their tactics worked.

I also listen to a number of liberal talk shows. Over the last few years, I have never heard anything similar on the liberal shows. Never. Not about the Military Commissions Act..., not about the Roberts, Alito or Gonzales nominations, not about ending the immoral and criminal occupation of Iraq -- and not about preventing an attack on Iran.

Not on any of these issues. Never.

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