Friday, April 20, 2007

Twisty on National Days of Mourning

Of course what happened at Virginia Tech was tragic, but I'm with Twisty on the expected "national response".
These orating gasbags, with their inane “moments of silence” and paternalistic “days of mourning” whipped up special for the TV cameras, are themselves crazy men. Displaying the disingenuous maggotry that passes these days for statesmanship, they’ll hitch their political wagons to any convenient spontaneous tragedy for an opportunity to convince a global audience that, despite their sponsorship of other, more distant, more invisible, or more devastating calamities, they are in fact capable of humanity.

What kind of moron buys that crap? It’s tragic when some random dude goes off his nut and kills indiscriminately, but it’s unconscionable when an elected government does exactly the same thing on a global scale and everyone swells with national pride.

Or to sum it up for a tidier soundbite:
There ought to be a National Day of Mourning every fucking day until the war is over.


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