Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Example Number One (of Approx. Two Kabillion)

Yesterday, I mentioned how there are more than plenty of actual, real, important issues that political leaders and presidential aspirants could spend their time thinking about, talking up and working on. Case in point, today's story: U.S. on List of UNICEF's Worst Countries for Kids:
A new report from the U.N. Children's Fund says the United States and Britain are the worst countries in the industrialized world in which to be a child. UNICEF says an examination of 40 factors, such as poverty, deprivation, happiness, relationships, and risky or bad behavior puts the United States and Britain at the bottom of a list of 21 economically developed nations.

An article about the report in The Guardian, UNICEF: U.S., British Children Worst Off, of course focuses more on the British bits. However, it also has this heartening news about life for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society, here in the good ol' United States of Superpowerfulness:
The U.S. finished last in the health and safety category, based on infant mortality, vaccinations for childhood diseases, deaths from injuries and accidents before age 19, and whether children reported fighting in the past year or being bullied in the previous two months.


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