Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Interesting interview on MotherJones.com with Daniel Altman, the author of the new book Neoconomy. If this guy's right, then Bush's economic policies aren't just tax breaks for his rich friends and puppeteers - they're actually part of a Master Plan.
"Following the path chosen by the neoconomists," says Altman, "could indeed lead to a period of untold prosperity, with living stands rising faster than ever before. It could also lead to nothing less than the collapse of the capitalist system -- a real revolution in which the nation's tax-paying laborers rise up against a class of wealthy free-riders."

And Social Security reform is part of The Plan, too.
MJ.com: How does Social Security privatization fit into the neoconomist vision?

DA: By transforming Social Security into a system of private portfolio accounts, we're essentially taking a huge amount of money out of the government's coffers and putting it straight into the private sector. So this would be a huge step forward in achieving the neoconomy.


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