Sunday, December 19, 2004

Let 'Em Stay

From Mother Jones, Giving the Gift of War, a new holidy tune (sung to the tune of "Let It Snow"):
Oh, the war in Iraq is frightful,
But for Lockheed and pals it's delightful,
Since the Pentagon continues to pay,
Let 'em stay, let 'em stay, let 'em stay.

Insurgents show no signs of stopping,
Americans can't stop AK's from popping,
Since it keeps Boeing's prices high,
occupy, occupy, occupy.

When there's a bombing or firefight,
It means moo-lah galore for GE,
And ev'ry IED laid at night,
means they're buyin' a brand new Humvee

As long as some Black Hawks keep crash'in,
The Complex can really cash in,
More war equals much more dough,
Let's not go, never go, let's not go.


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