Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Filthy Critic on WALL•E

Taking the kids to see WALL•E this afternoon (2nd time for me & the girl; 1st for the boy and the cousin). Surfing some of the reviews, I came across the classic old movie review site The Filthy Critic. He likes WALL•E too, giving it 4 fingers. He says he "imagine[s] it represents the true storyteller's fantasy of his idea reaching the screen the way he wanted, or with improvements he approved along the way to the screen."

I agree, and urge you to see it if you haven't. It's a good one.

But I'm posting this for Filthy's other comments, which address the "controversy" of WALL•E. (I didn't even know there was any controversy, until I heard about it from a coworker.)
Maybe fat people will be offended because it shows fat people acting fat. Fuck them. And fuck anyone who doesn't like the message that you can consume yourself into oblivion. First, that's not a political sentiment; it's been politicized by assholes with political agendas, mostly those who want your support in exchange for their assurance you can be as big a pig as you want and it'll never affect anything. Second, if you can't enjoy incredibly well-made movies just because they don't share your opinions, you're a fucking douche. Grow a thicker skin and get your head out of Fox News' asshole long enough to appreciate art and diversity. Probably these same dipshits will label it more Hollywood liberal propaganda. It's not. The way this movie is not Hollywood-style in any way, but that fact will be lost on those people.


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