Monday, January 21, 2008

Onion Radio News & Idiocracy

Funny bit from the Onion Radio News: Study: Uneducated Outbreeding Intelligentsia Two-To-One (careful, the audio on that page may start playing automatically).

That's pretty good, but I'm really only bothering posting it as an excuse to promote the movie Idiocracy. A hilarious satire by Mike Judge (creator of both Beavis And Butt-head and Office Space), it takes that same joke from the Onion Radio News and makes a feature-length movie out of it.

I thought it was awesome, but it was barely promoted by the studio (it's that subversive), and without fail, nobody I've mentioned it to has even heard of it, let alone seen it.

Well, you should see it. The Onion's own AV Club gave it an "A-":
A perfectly cast Luke Wilson stars as a quintessential everyman who hibernates for centuries and wakes up in a society so degraded by insipid popular culture, crass consumerism, and rampant anti-intellectualism that he qualifies as the smartest man in the world. Corporations cater even more unashamedly to the primal needs of the lowest common denominator—Starbucks now traffics in handjobs as well as lattes—and the English language has devolved into a hilarious patois of hillbilly, Ebonics, and slang.


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